Friday, November 29, 2013

I finally get my work bench back

I'm probably not different than most modelers, my desk usually looks like this:

While at Telford I checked out Sphere Productions, which is part of Progressive Engineering Solutions. Sphere sells a number of laser cut storage racks designed for modelers and gamers. One item I was particularly interested in was a paint rack for organizing my paints.

Essentially, Jon (the owner) talked me out of one of his standard racks, which are meant for the modeler who is faithful to a single paint line, and convinced me to send him the number and types of paint jars I had and he'd custom make a rack for the same price as the standard rack of comparable size.

So I counted my Tamiya (large and small), Humbrol, Vallejo, ModelMaster and Gunze jars and sent him the quantities. I also stated height was not an issue but I wanted it to fit within about 12 x 18 inches (+1 inch each way if needed).

So let's take this...

Less than a week later I had my stand...

And this is the result:

Yes, I'm very happy with this. The quality is exceptional, the rack is very solid and I could easily carry the paints around if I needed (Jon makes a closable work station).

So I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to be better organized.

Thanks for looking...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Telford 2013

10 November 2013

So one of the things I got to do at Telford this year was sit in a real Spitfire. It's not a flyer, and has a few things that are actually fiberglass, but the fuselage is a real Mk IX with some history behind it.

I joined up with Jim Rotramel who came over to see family and of course do Telford while he's here.

Thanks for looking...