Monday, December 21, 2015

Finally back in the groove

After nearly a year of no posting, I finally found the time to get back online.

I arrived back in the US in February and had to wait about 8 weeks for my stuff.  It sat in my modelling room while I got the new job stable...or is that stable in my new job?  At any rate, my new job requires I be at a computer all day, so carving out computer time for "fun" isn't generally appealing, it still feels too much like I should be responding to work emails and generally doing work related things.

But I have been modeling, just a bit anyway.  2015 won't be as great as 2014 in terms of production, but it will be another good year.  With all the new releases I'm getting a bit behind in my stash, but I did manage to donate a few kits to the club locally.  I was net zero until a friend handed me an AZModel Spitfire XVIII last week...

With all the great weather this year I was also head down with a hobby I had put on hold while in Britain: restoring my '69 Jeep CJ-5.  She gets about half my spare time now that she's a driver; the little things like heater, electrical, just take time to do properly.  It's like have a 1:1 scale kit!

I'll start posting my build summaries over the next couple of weeks to get caught up, then should be back in a groove of monthly completions.  A long term project is my 1/72nd Scale Dragon Apollo 11 Saturn V; on initial look it's a great kit, but some key details are not right...correcting them are time consuming mainly given size.  There is a LOT of plastic!

Thanks for being patient and as always, thanks for looking...