Thursday, February 23, 2017

Where is my winning season?


Edit: I added photos as proof!

0-2...I've now binned two models after putting in quite a few hours trying to make a model out of them.  That's not like me, I typically keep at it until it's tamed and at least looks like something I'd put on my shelf.  Never a competition winner, but then again I don't build for competition; only myself.

The first one was a TBD-1.  Limited run kit from AZModel, the detail isn't bad and I've built some of their other kits, so figured it wouldn't be too bad.  I even bought a PE set for it that was pre-painted as a way to give a larger PE set a try.  I'd read a couple of online reviews that panned the kit, but that was mainly due to accuracy, not build-ability.

After getting the cockpit in and getting the fuselage together, which required effort but nothing I'd not seen in other limited run kits, I tackled the wings.  No much of a problem except one wing was slightly off in size as compared to the other.  I compared it to both the fuselage and the old Airfix kit (noted for shape accuracy) and it turned out the larger wing was in error.  Huzza! It's easier to remove than to add.

When it came time to marry the wing to the fuselage...not even close.  The problem was thickness, not chord (which was the earlier error I'd fixed).  I mucked with it for a week, and finally decided the only fix is to cannibalize the wing from the Airfix kit and conduct some major surgery...the wing break down is not even similar between the two kits.

After a week of evenings I gave up.  Nothing was coming together and the "shapes" just kept getting worse.  Not to mention fit.

The second kit was a SOC-3.  The Hasegawa kit.  I've build one about 20 years ago but it was before my rigging skills were developed.  Still on the shelf albeit in the "damaged" area due to moves; I may need to repair it just to feel good.

The problems are of my own making as they just don't seem to be challenges I should not be able to overcome.  One is short-shot struts.  I've got plenty of strut material and have scratched struts before so I'm not concerned with it, but haven't gotten that far.  The other is installing a resin AM cockpit.  It's a beautiful set, made for the SOC-3 and can even backdate the kit to a SOC-1 (slightly different IP).  My issue: I can't get it to fit.

Carving, sanding, even used a motor tool (low speed battery powered) and as the dust accumulates the space to fit it does not.  It does not help that the fuselage is warped.

To be fair, I have not actually binned them.  They are boxed and put away for a future attempt when my attitude is better...and if a better kit hits the market in the meantime they WILL get binned.  Life is too short...

So I'm rethinking my modeling objectives for 2017...after only 6 weeks!  I should work on easier kits and only have that one difficult (aka long term) kit in the queue, while all the others are simple and satisfying.  Hence, I've just finished a rather quick build of the Eduard IX, a simple build of an Airfix Firefly V, and started 2 Hasegawa VIII kits coupled with a comparison build against the Eduard VIII.  All easy, quick, and very enjoyable.

Now I need to photograph them and get them posted!

Thanks for looking...


  1. [whistling quietly and looking innocently around] Model doesn't exist unless there is photos of it, I'm jus' sayin'