Friday, January 4, 2019

I have returned

Where do I start?  It's been roughly 18 months since my last post.  I've continued to build models and collect new kits.  I've also reduced the stash a bit and I think I have the whole stash in Scalemates, albeit probably not corrected statused as to what's a work in progress and what's finished.

I've been active online, just not here.  I shifted over to Grumpy Old Scale Modelers on Facebook for a  bit, but had to delete my FB account for a number of reasons I won't go into.  Grumpy is run by a very good friend who lives local to me (just down the road about 10 minutes) and his site is what I'm about when it comes to modeling.  I just could not do FB any more...

Grumpy also has a dedicated website -- Grumpy Modeler -- that I want to be more active in, but we cannot seem to get much cross-over interest from the FB folks.  Darrin and I also found out quickly that generating content for a website takes time...and we both still have jobs that are a jealous mistress.

I still post over on BritModeller, mostly on the WW2 forum, but also sometimes in other places.  It's my goto place for research/details before I look elsewhere online as most questions have been asked there already.

My first check of the day online is with 72nd Scale Aircraft.  Dedicated to the One True Scale, they have forums for other genre, so long as it's 1/72.  If I'm going to post a WIP it'll be there.

I also recently joined Reddit Modelmakers.  Obviously a younger group of modelers (we need younger folks to join, so anything that gets them interested), and it seems a good cross section of genre.  The armor seems to get the most upvotes which tells me that's the majority of modelers there. I think they cross over from World of Tanks, World of Ships and World of Aircraft as there are references to "I played that ___ over at Wo[x] and it was so cool!"  Some guys, and gals, appear to want a model of the machine they're gaming with.  Cool, whatever keeps this hobby alive.

I actually completed about 25 models over the last 18 months.  At least I think I did, certainly feels like I got a lot done.  I've started work on the posts for here, but it's a combination of photos (good ones, not just quick ones) and authoring the content.  I sometimes wonder if I take my posts just a bit too serious, trying to make them an easy read that includes something of potential interest to the reader?  I know when I "lighten up" a bit on my models I do enjoy it more.

I also, with the help of some local Grumpy Modelers, started having "social modeling" or as we typically call it, "nerd nite".  4-10 of us in the local Southern Maryland Scale Modelers get together every 2 weeks or so, the host provides the vittles and it's strictly BYOB.  Plus, we have our travel kits of tools, glues, paints and a model or 4 and work on them while chatting about work, life, history, whatever.  In the background is either a game or a movie/documentary (about model subjects, of course!).  At around 6pm here on the East Coast of the US one member (Vince) opens up Facebook Live on Grumpy and we chat about our models, or something modeling related.  Folks around the world join us and some even ask questions about techniques.  Pretty cool stuff.

So look for some new posts as I catch up.

Thanks for looking...